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About the book:

If you desire to become a better leader this book will provide the significant insight you need. Written with common sense, humor, and inspiration, this book will lift you up, push you forward, and motivate you to be a better leader and a more vital player in whatever organization you serve. In Along Came a Leader, Kelly Croy addresses the lack of leadership in our world and presents six primary solutions to create great leaders. Along Came a Leader is perfect for corporations, schools, sports teams, homes, and any organization that wants to create a culture of influence, success and innovation.
What others say about the book:
Mark Sanborn, Best Selling Author:
Kelly Croy brings his perspective as a leader and an educator to inspire you to make more of your opportunities for impact. This is a thoughtful book written by a leader who has learned his insights in the classroom of life.
Frank Shelton, Author:
When Kelly talks I listen and when he writes I take note. Those who lead must read, and this is one book that you absolutely must get for your library to glean from again and again. Buy one for yourself and TWO to give away!
Patricia Croy, Kelly's mom:
It's one of the greatest books ever written!
About the Author
Kelly Croy is a speaker, an artist and an educator. He resides in Ohio with his wife and four daughters. Learn more about Kelly, his writing, and his speaking at